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Even the exhaust on a Cometa has a DGM number


So what are IGM & DGM Numbers?

The IGM number or for that matter the DGM number of a vehicle was issued by the Italian Government to all Italain vehicles. On an Italian frame number the IGM or DGM number appear after the frame number.

DGM means simply Direzione Generale Motorizzazione that is the main place where all the vehicles are tested and they get an homologation.

IGM means Ispettorato Generale Motorizzazione, and is actually the same thing. The following number is a progressive homologation number, and OM is for 'omologazione', homologation. Older vehicles have IGM, and more recent ones DGM: in 1967 the name was changed from 'Ispettorato' to 'Direzione', hence the two different abbreviations.

The following list is not comprehensive but is the information that the BLA has currently been able to amass:

Li 125 (Series 2) - IGM 0902 OM

Li 150 (Series 2) - IGM 0903 OM

TV 175 (Series 2)- IGM 0904 OM

Li 125 (Series 3) - IGM 0902 OM

Li 150 (Series 3) - IGM 0903 OM

TV 175 (Series 3) - IGM 2515 OM

TV 200 - no IGM number

Li 125 Special - IGM 4190 OM

Li 150 Special - IGM 3316 OM

SX 150 - IGM 4770 OM

SX 200 - IGM 4355 OM

GP 125 - DGM 6439 OM

GP 150 - DGM 6437 OM

GP 200 - DGM 6441 OM

Lui 50 - DGM 5629 OM

Vega/Cometa - DGM 6210 OM