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 An unusual view of a Series 3 Li 150


 Editorial - 2019


2019 is now upon us and the Carole Nash Winter Classic at Newark seems like it was ages ago. Another great show in respect of the scooters on display and thanks to everyone who showed their Luna line machine on the Luna Owners Club stand - 18 machines in total is no mean feat! Thanks also to everyone who came and saw the display and thanks for all the positive comments.


From the 20th May 2018 the MOT underwent some radical changes including the removal of the requirement, in certain circumstances for a vehicle over 40 years old to undergo an MOT. Please follow this link for more information:  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/670431/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf


On the back of the rolling 40 year exemption we are now seeing some buyers being duped into buying what they think is a machine that is 40 years old or older. This mainly refers to Indian built machines, but this is a warning to everyone to be wary. Its easy to buy a machine thinking you have something that is tax and MOT exempt, only to then find out when you come to register it that it was built in the 1990's (as we had in one case) and that you need tax and an MOT. Our advice is simple - drop us an email and we will clarify what you are looking at buying. Asking costs NOTHING but buying something that pretends to be something it isn't is a costly exercise!


As we do every year we'd ask people who are looking to register their scooter for a specific event to get their applications in, in plenty of time. We still regularly receive requests for letters by owners who want their scooter on the road by the following week. No while we may be able to get a letter out to you, there's no guarantee that the DVLA will be as swift! 


On the subject of authentications if you apply for one then please supply full frame numbers and engine numbers. If you supply photos then please ensure that you also supply the frame number written down. Badly produced photographs often mean that frame numbers are misread which causes an issue for both us and you.


Our Facebook page continues to see quite a bit of traffic and we'll continue to put items on their and on our Twitter account so you can see what we're up to and have access to any news that we pass on re: registrations and events.


Can I take this opportunity to again thank everyone for their continued support and I look forward to meeting people when I'm out and about this year.


That's it for now, if you have any queries about any of the Lambretta range or about getting your scooter(s) registered then please feel free to drop us a line. Remember - it costs nothing to ask!


Pete Davies & The BLA Team

(the team are: Pete Davies, David Ashmead, Gill Beecham, Mark Lloyd, Christian Wheeldon, Lee Geary, John 'Brano' Branson, Johnny Lambrettista and Ian Kells)