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 An unusual view of a Series 3 Li 150


 Editorial - July 2017


Despite the weather not being the best for riding, we've managed to get some more miles under our belts with visits to the Cleethorpes national rally and a few other trips to add miles to the tripometer. I gave one event a miss as it was a mile from my home - too close to even get the Lambretta warm!!


On the subject of serious mile munching, people have asked about the BLA Sports and Touring Section. Its not a mega serious thing and is really for those of us in the BLA who like to travel a few hundred miles to events or to compete in events (such as the LCGB's Derbyshire 150). Current members of the section are myself, Lee Geary, Paul Sacha, Darren Barber, Luke Salvin, Tony Tessier, Steve Salvin and Dave Waddingham. So if competing in events or travelling hundreds of miles is something you do then let us know - who knows, a Sports and Touring Section legshield banner could be adorning your Lambretta!


We have recently had the good fortune to secure some almost mint brochures, parts books and manuals which we are currently going through and some of them will be surplus to requirements so if you have anything on your wants list and you think we can help out then let us know. We're happy to send images of the items we have and to negotiate on price.


As ever authentications continue to come in at a fast pace. Can we ask though that you only message us about them via email or good old snail mail. We don't have time to check through all of the Paypal transactions to see if there are any notes on there. However, please be mindful that your letters are now only valid for one year. In 2017 we will replace any 2016 letters that are out of date for £5. Anything older than that will be the usual £7 fee.


On the subject of authentications if you apply for one then please supply full frame numbers and engine numbers. If you supply photos then please ensure that you also supply the frame number written down. Badly produced photographs often mean that frame numbers are misread which causes an issue for both us and you.


Our Facebook page continues to see quite a bit of traffic and we'll continue to put items on their and on our Twitter account so you can see what we're up to and have access to any news that we pass on re: registrations and events.


On the new publications front there is a cracking read from Stuart Owen about Lambretta Concessionaires and also a new magazine from Andy Gillard called Scooter Nova. Please support both of these - great reads at a great price and available from Stuart Lanning at Scooter Products.


Can I take this opportunity to again thank everyone for their continued support and I look forward to another 15 years of the BLA and the LOC. Viva la Lambretta!! 


That's it for now, if you have any queries about any of the Lambretta range or about getting your scooter(s) registered then please feel free to drop us a line. Remember - it costs nothing to ask!


Pete Davies & The BLA Team

(the team are: Pete Davies, David Ashmead, Gill Beecham, Mark Lloyd, Christian Wheeldon, Lee Geary, John 'Brano' Branson, Johnny Lambrettista and Ian Kells)


July 2017