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 Editorial - 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a number of scooter events cancelled in early 2021. Essentially it's a case of sit and wait until we are given the all clear to ride outside of where we live and to travel for non-essential reasons. Until then and until the go ahead is given for mass gatherings then we can only wait. 


We are still working hard to provide you with dating information in order to get your machines back on the road and this will continue throughout the current crisis. 


We have now expanded what we do and from the 1st November 2020 we have been supplying our usual dating certificates and now offering to supply the V55/5 and V112 forms completed. So if you want these as well as a date cert the cost is only £15 with payment being through the usual Paypal or cheque route. 


So, in essence to register your scooter you need a date cert, a V55/5, a V112 (if its over 40 years old), £55 first registration fee, NOVA number (even if its a UK shed find thats not on the DVLA system) and an MOT (if its not over 40 years old).

We can now assist in one of two ways:

1. Providing a date cert which is £7 - details as per the website

2. Provide the date cert, V112 and V55/5 - both completed and only requiring you to sign and add things like your date of birth - this package is £15.
Interested? Then email us at: blaauthentications@hotmail.co.uk
Registering a scooter isn't as complicated as you may think it is.


On the horizon for us are a couple of new Lambretta related book projects as well as spending time while the country is in some sort of lockdown working on our scooters and sorting out what Lambretta goodies are hidden away, forgotten in the garage. There's bound to be a few. 


The website is undergoing some changes and as such I've made a start so the photo album is now gone, replaced by a page that details what you need to do once you have your authentication certificate. The Authentications/V765 page has also been updated. These are just the start of a number of updates that will appear over the coming months.


Can I take this opportunity to again thank everyone for their continued support and I look forward to meeting people when we are at some point back to some sense of normality.


That's it for now, if you have any queries about any of the Lambretta range or about getting your scooter(s) registered then please feel free to drop us a line. Remember - it costs nothing to ask!


Pete Davies & The BLA Team

(the team are: Pete Davies, David Ashmead, Gill Beecham, Mark Lloyd, Christian Wheeldon, Lee Geary, John 'Brano' Branson, Johnny Lambrettista and Ian Kells)


Winter/Spring 2021