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 Editorial - 2021


Since the end of August 2021 I have stopped issuing date certificates on a general basis. This does not mean that the BLA has ceased issuing date certificates full stop. What it does mean is that I am honouring a commitment I made to a number of scooter dealers in respect of issuing date certificates to their businesses and completing any V765 applications they may have. It seems that some sections of the scooetering community believe that we have "ceased trading." We never traded in the first place as the BLA has and always will be a non-profit making organisation and not a business.


If you require a date certificate (and you're not one of the dealers we issue them for) then please contact Rich Oswald at the Lambretta Club of Great Britain who will happily help you out. The LCGB website can be found at

Lambretta Club of Great Britain (ilambretta.co.uk) 


OK, now that I've cleared the air on that score, 2022 will see the 20th Anniversary of my setting up the BLA. In line with the Luna Owners Club which I set up at the same time there will be attendance at and the running of a number of events as we're looking to do 20 things in total a kind of 20 events for 20 years.


Keep an eye out for whatever we decide that we're going to be doing and any merchandise we have made.


I'm still happy to answer questions on scooter information - so dates of manufacture, country of origin etc and you're welcome to email me - blaauthentications@hotmail.co.uk


That's it for now, keep your eyes peeled for information on what we're up to.


Pete Davies & The BLA Team

(the team are: Pete Davies, David Ashmead, Gill Beecham, Mark Lloyd, Christian Wheeldon, Lee Geary, John 'Brano' Branson, Johnny Lambrettista and Ian Kells)


Autumn 2021